The Balloon People 

We are all perfect in our imperfections. Just as we were created 

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The Balloon People has something for adults and children alike.

The illustrations and loosely woven story allows you to enjoy each illustration as an individual piece of art, or to consider the stories meaning. The meaning being open to you, and or your child’s imagination. The Balloon People will promote empathy and provide a look at spirituality that will leave you and your child comforted by its playful nature. A perfect gift if you’re looking for something unique for a child or an adult.

we could all use a little more Balloon People in our lives.

Randy Druz

About the Illustrator / Author 

Rom Ryan

Illustrator Author

Rom Ryan has been a dedicated professional  Musician / Artist for over 25 years. His music has been played all over the world. In that time he's been working off and on this  project, it's been a labor of love . He's now ready for the public to enjoy the fruits of his labor, The Balloon People.